Mediation can help resolve relational conflict at home and in the workplace.

It is different to counselling and its purpose is to solve disputes between two or more parties who possess a genuine desire to achieve a mutually satisfying outcome.

The mediator acts by supporting all parties involved to focus on the mutual problem, discuss possible solutions and agree upon a solution.

Workplace Mediation

Stress in the workplace is common – with almost 60% of lost workdays attributed to it, according to a recent survey.  It’s not just burnout, or excessive workload that can cause this stress. Sometimes it can be the relationships between colleagues or indeed between employer and employee.Before the situation deteriorates to a stage where legal action is being taken, you can consider mediation.  

Employees and employers who are in dispute can work with a mediator to find a mutually agreed solution. It is a voluntary process. This means it is important that both sides agree to take part and to work towards a solution.

As both sides work together to solve the problem, the participants are in control of the resolution process. Mediation is an informal process, which when works, can be more effective and have a more positive outcome than going to court.

Mediation services don’t always take into account the impact on the individual(s) and how they process the stress of the whole experience. At 2gether Online, we offer a more rounded service that takes into consideration everyone involved in the process. We may have to help those involved in ongoing issues in the workplace (eg a perceived perpetrator/victim) to understand why they acted the way they did. By focusing on the root of the behaviour, we can help minimize the fallout of the situation. Not only will the individuals benefit, but so will the organisation involved. 

How Workplace Mediation Can Help Your Organisation

  • It can help your organisation avoid lengthy and expensive legal costs.  
  •  It will help those involved in disputes feeling like they have to leave their employment. 
  • Employee turnover also carries a significant cost to the employer, as they have lost an experienced staff member. It can also mean a recruitment drive and more onboarding.  
  • Other staff members are often affected by issues they have not been directly a part of. Sometimes, they can experience a residual vicarious trauma through witnessing the events unfold. 
  • This can also lead to others who were not part of the situation, deciding to leave to seek better working environments in which to work. And a further cost is incurred for the company to recruit again. 
2gether Online offers professional mediation services to help resolve the issues in the workplace. We help the affected parties feel safe in their working environment and support them in processing their experience. Our focus on the mental well-being of all parties involved will ensure a more successful outcome in the long-term for everyone.

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