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Why continuity of care is critical

At 2gether Online, we believe that if you’ve formed a bond with your therapist then you should be able to stay with them for as long as you need.

We also believe that care starts from the top. So, if we care for our staff and our therapists, then they really care about what they do – like caring for you.

We like to call it our Circle of Care

What our clients say

‘I’ve been to counselling twice with the same free service but wasn’t permitted to see my original therapist the second time. I didn’t give it too much thought until I was in front of my second therapist and had to tell my story again.

Every time you have to tell it, it’s emotional and that’s something I wasn’t prepared for. It took a lot of strength to not get burnt out and walk away.

It’s then I realised that the quality of the relationship between yourself and your counsellor is so important. When you’ve built up trust and understanding with the one therapist, counselling becomes like a release valve and when you get that ‘aha’ moment, where it all clicks – there’s nothing quite like it’.

Laura, Ennis